Monday, January 27, 2020

January Resolutions

Every year I make a list of resolutions and like more people never follow through on them past maybe the 1st month.  So this year I made all my resolutions sewing/quilting related!  And what better month to start than my Birthday month!

My first one was to make something for ME each month.  As much as I love my job and I do, I tend to get busy with deadlines and projects that my "me stack" has gotten out of control.

So my first step was to find some fabric and a pattern to work on.  I had this stack of Michael Miller Fabric - Atelier by Sarah Campbell that I had been holding onto.  It was perfect, bright cheerful modern looking prints.  I then picked my pattern Home Again.  I love this pattern just haven't had a chance to remake it again in awhile, didn't have the right fabric until now.

Quilt went to gather pretty quick.  Next up the quilting.  Typically more often than not when I make a quilt for myself I will do a quick all over design.  I decided as part of my resolution I would do some custom quilting on this one.  FYI who says your backgrounds have to be white???  I chose a Michael Miller wide backing for the back.  It was perfect!

Quilting done.. on to binding.  I love bright cheerful busy prints for bindings.

Quilt is done and ready for binding to be hand sewn the rest of the way.  I am sad to say it's not done yet.  I took it with me when I went to baby sit my granddaughter Palmer, but she's pretty cute and distracted me. :-)

But hey the month isn't over yet so I have time to finish it up and besides the bachelor is on tonight so sounds like the perfect project.

Looking forward to my February "ME" project.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Back to Basics

Back to Basics

Recently my children and I were talking about my obsession with Back to School supplies.  I am quite sad my children are all in their 20's because now I have no explanation as to why I buy a cart full of school supplies every September.  Shortly after that discussion I was in my sewing studio and came up on this lovely bundle of Michael Miller Hash Dot fabrics, it reminded me of a box of Crayons.

I took a selection of my favorite colors, and chose the black Hash Dot for a background fabric to make those colors pop.  And I had just the perfect pattern, Between Friends.

The black background just make those colors pot so beautifully.  I make so many quilts with various prints but sometimes it just fun to do something with semi solids.  My only regret now is that I did not make it bigger!  However I think my new granddaughter Palmer at just 5 days old likes it just as it is.

Pattern is my "Between Friends"
Fabric is "Hash Dot" from Michael Miller Fabrics

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Christmas in July has arrived!

Christmas in July

Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  I love the smell of cookies and pies baking, I love hearing the kids laughing while playing games all the while listening to the joyful sounds of Christmas music and movies in the background.

My house gets decked out from top to bottom during Christmas.  I have everything from Grinch decorations to traditional decorations.  Pretty much whatever I like, no perfectly themed out decorations here!

When it came time for my Michael Miller ambassador July project - I thought what better of a project for me than a little Christmas surprise.

I got this bundle 10in squares from Michael Miller Fabrics called Happy Holly Days and a little bit of red Fairy Frost but had no pattern in mind.

Made some HST (Half Square Triangles) added a some green snowball corners and a cute little block developed.  I decided to do some quilting using just a straight ruler.

Out of one pack I was able to get these 2 cute little table toppers.

I think they are gonna look perfect, and they were quick and easy.  I think I have a new Christmas Gift idea.

FYI - its just 152 Days till Christmas!!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Flowers Galore

Flowers Galore

Its no secret in my family that I do not have a green thumb, its more like a black thumb.  I love fresh flowers and I love flower beds with all those beautiful colorful flowers.  However... I can not grow or keep a flower alive to save my life.  Well my son says I grow weeds real well.. haha

So when I saw this new fabric coming from Michael Miller called Dilly Dahlia I knew this had to be my first project as a Brand Ambassador and I absolutely had to make something with it.

And I knew exactly what quilt to make.. my Dandelion Wishes.  I love all of the quilts I have designed but this one is my go to when I want something fast and not a gazillion pieces.  It is the perfect quilt to showcase those beautiful fabrics you just can't bring yourself to cut up.

Now I can enjoy my flowers without them dying on me and my hands getting all dirty. 😍
This quilt is all mine, I don't make many that I keep for myself but this one.. yep mine!

Dilly Dahlia coming soon from Michael Miller Fabrics, check you local stores for this line.  

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Spring Happenings

Spring Happenings…. 

I started out the year thinking this year is going to be all about Sweet Tea Pattern Co.  
Family always comes first and the last couple of years have been crazy.  We moved from Georgia to Maryland, then had our daughter’s wedding in South Carolina so I spent a good part of last year driving 9 hours up and down I-95!  But this year, we aren’t moving and there is no wedding, so I am going to start doing a lot more Quilt Shows and travel more doing teaching and lectures and be better about blogging… well as the popular saying goes… fate said, “Hold my Beer!”
In January on my birthday, we found out that we are going to be first time grandparents in September... best birthday present ever! It’s a girl by the way! 
February as I was doing final preparations for Quiltcon in Nashville an opportunity for a job transfer came available for my husband, so he put in for it and yep you guessed it we are MOVING!  Just two short years after moving to Maryland we are packing up and moving back south to Charleston SC.  While I am not looking forward to the packing of my studio as I just got it set up the way I wanted... I am more excited to be going back south and being near the grandbaby, oh and my children also. HAHA
 In the middle of all of this, I have such exciting things going on.  I had a blast at Quiltcon in Nashville even with the endless rain we had.  At Quiltcon I released my newest pattern Lucky Jacks. My new favorite of course. Quiltcon is great though you get a chance to see and meet people you have conversations with on Facebook and IG.

I came home from QuiltCon for a short 36hours, grabbed the husband, restocked and took off for Hampton VA for the Quiltfest show. We had a great time and my husband loves talking to all the ladies.  He cracks me up.

With all this going on probably the most exciting news (other than the Grandbaby) is that I was selected as a Michael Miller Brand Ambassador for 2019!!  I am looking forward to working with Michael Miller and all their fabrics.  It’s going to be tons of fun.  I have already started working on my first project for them. I will be posting all of my projects here.

I am also getting ready to head out on my first Quilt Cruise with Tomorrows Treasures, Crofton MD.  Not only is it my first time teaching it’s also my first time on a cruise, so this should be fun.

Lots and of exciting things happening both professionally and family wise.  
2019 has already started out as a great year and is only getting better!
Happy Sewing 

Thursday, November 15, 2018



I get asked all the time where do I get ideas for patterns.  I wish that there was some big fancy answer but there isn't.

Sometimes ideas just come to me, usually at like 3am.  But seriously I am always looking for inspirations though where ever I am at.  

I recently took a vacation to Boston and there were inspirations everywhere.

from Cobblestone Walkways

 and fences

to outdoor stairs and house siding...

I think its from years of art classes that I just automatically look for things.  One of my patterns was actually inspired but the insert of a picture frame I bought.  So you see there is not some fancy answer I just look for things that make me happy.

Off to look for new inspirations...

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Where does all my time go??

Where does all my time go??? 
Does anyone else never have enough time in the day?

Today the plan was to work on the new patterns scheduled for Fall release, its now late in the afternoon and I have yet to stitch one single stitch.  There was the Dr appt, then the oil change, then "quick" trip to the grocery store, then some emails and phone calls to return etc etc... 

I then remembered oh wait I need to write a new blog post... and that's where I got stuck

I honestly think when I had a full time job out of the house, 3 kids in sports and a husband deployed I got more done, how is that even possible?  I mean I am self employed, all the kids are grown and mostly out of the house - the boy is 19 and only needs me for food :-) - and the husband has retired and has a nice non traveling office job so I should have tons of free time right?

Well this obviously called for a trip to my second favorite place after the quilt shop of course - Office Depot.  One hour later with a bag full of new calendars, pens, markers and other misc supplies I am ready to get my time under control.

I have spent the last hour making lists.  Lists of current projects, projects I want to do, projects I have to do, up coming trips, and the lists just keep going. That then sent me to browsing the internet and looking at patterns from some other designers and adding more projects to my wish list.

Okay I give up on this time management thing obviously I am no good at it, so I am going to go do something I am good at - SEW!  💕

January Resolutions

Every year I make a list of resolutions and like more people never follow through on them past maybe the 1st month.  So this year I made all...